Dr. Swati Jain: BE (Gold Medalist), M.Tech., Ph.D., ( Aptitude Test Forecasting)

Dr. Swati Jain, Ph.D., M.Tech, B.E. (Gold Medalist)A woman with mission This group was founded by Ms. Swati Jain in 1992. It was her vision to educate Indian students to compete globally. By profession an engineer Ms. Swati Jain advocates for social justice and including all in mainstream education. With this vision she started coaching students for various competitive exams in Indore when people hardly knew about them in India. Dr. Swati Jain is more involved in instructional design, assessment, social justice, special education, women studies and human rights. At present she is involved with a project on social justice with UNESCO. At present our founder Dr. Swati Jain is working on a new mission called ‘Inclusive Education’. She is coordinating a team of researchers from USA, Russia, New Zealand, South Africa, and Argentina. This team is working with UNESCO for its mission Education for All. Dr. Elizabeth Kozleski from USA is the Chair of this project.

She is engaged in the R&D of "Study Abroad" study material. Every year she designs the GRE / GMAT / SAT / TOEFL / IELTS study material as per the latest pattern. She is highly evaluated by the student for her unique style of teaching & mentoring. Especially she has expertise of 27 years in teaching, U.S. Univ. Selection. Visa documentation and Interview preparation. Till date, she has guided thousands of students who are well placed in India and abroad. She has also visited top Universities in USA.

Mr. Nilesh Jain: M.Tech., MBA., MAS-CIS(USA)

Mr. Nilesh Jain, MAS-CIS (USA), MBA, and M.Tech., has vast Industrial experience in Top Industries of India like, J.K. Synthetics, Grasim Industries, U.B. Group. He has also visited top Universities in the US. Since 1992, he has been guiding thousands of students to join the top Universities of World. He has more than 25 years of experience in University selection, Scholarship, and Visa Documentation. Especially, he has expertise in U.S. Visa documentation and Interview preparation. Under his guidance all most all the students got the US Visa every year and he is rated among Top 3 US University, Research field and Visa counselors of India by the students. Under his guidance, the students are getting admission in the almost all fields of engineering, pharmacy, physiotherapy, biotechnology, management, and medical science in the US universities.

Today, Mr. Nilesh Jain has become world renowned counselor and career guide. He has an expertise in American, Canadian, Universities. He has visited almost all university in the US and collected data- base for students. A very optimistic and motivating person Mr. Nilesh Jain wants to help students to be confident and successful. He is a man with patience and due to his extraordinary efforts Dr. Swati Jain Education group has started a college in Indore in 1997. Now planning to establish International University.