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Message from the Director:

Dear Indore,

Thanks for giving your love and support for the last 30 years. In 1992, the Swati Jain Academy introduced central India to test preparations for exams like CAT, GRE, GMAT, SAT, TOEFL, MMS-MCA (DAVV,Indore), and Pre-MCA. Because of your faith, we got an opportunity to mentor and teach more than 22,000 students, who have achieved global success. We are very thankful to you for giving your crème de la crème. We are extremely proud of our distinguished alumni base! After completing their degrees from top institutes of the world, our alumni are determined to serve our nation by making investments and providing their unparalleled management and technical expertise. I, personally, salute their patriotism and congratulate their parents for inculcating such great values. Thank you for bestowing us the opportunity to be a part of your journey! --Dr.Swati Jain

About the Group:

“Dr. Swati Jain Education Group was established in 1992 to guide students for higher education in India and abroad. Today, it has much more to offer. In 1997, the group inaugurated a new wing: the Swati Jain College. Swati Jain College is approved by the government and is affiliated to the state university (DAVV, Indore). In this era of globalization, human capital is the biggest asset; we are trying to increase the capital. Since 1992, our students have been receiving admits from the Ivy League and the top US Universities ─ MIT,Harvard Uni, Yale Uni,Brown Uni, Columbia Uni, Uni of Pennsylvania, Cornell Uni, Dartmouth College, California Institute of Technology,Stanford, Carnegie Mellon University, Uni of California,Berkely, John Hopkins, Georgia Tech, Uni of Michigan,Ann Arbor,NYU,UIUC, North Western Univ, North Carolina State Univ, UCLA, RPI, University of Texas,Austin, Uni of Colorado, Boulder, Georgia State Uni, Rice Uni, Univ of Utah, UIC,Chicago, Uni of Washington,Seattle, Univ of Maryland,College Park, Purdue Uni, Univ of Rochester, Case Western Reserve Univ, UNC,Chapel Hill, Clemson Uni, Ohio State Univ, Univ of Minnesota,Twin City, Univ of Wisconsin, Madison, Duke Uni, Emory Uni, Lehigh, Uni of Massachusetts,Amherst, Rutgers, Univ of Arizona, Syracuse Uni, Pennsylvania State Univ, Texas A and M,College Station,Michigan State Uni,Uni of Virginia, Arizona State Uni, SUNY, Stony Brooke, Colorado School of Mines, Colorado State Uni, Univ of Southern California,Los Angles, Iowa State Univ and many other top Universities ─ on the basis of their transcripts and GRE/GMAT/SAT/ACT/TOEFL/IELTS scores. Come and become a part our effort to educate the youth!”

Swati Jain Academy Hall of Fame:

Congratulations ! We are proud of you and your success

Anjali Parashar : GRE: 332/340- MIT, USA

Prasad Kawthekar: GRE: 339/340- Stanford Uni, USA

Aditi Jain : GRE: 334/340- Yale Uni, USA

Dr.Aman Saluja : GRE: 336/340- Yale Uni, USA

Chirag VijayVargiya:GRE: 336/340,CMU,USA

Aishwariya Agrawal:CMU,USA

Radhika Bajaj : Brown University, USA

Anvi Dalal : SAT: 2400/2400-UPenn USA

Anirudh Sharma : SAT: 2380/2400,TOEFL: 119/120,Cambridge Uni,UK- Pre Med,

Aditi Kothari : SAT: 2320/2400- Yale-NUS,Singapore

Ishita Bhandari : GRE: 336/340,Uni of Washington,USA

Kushshi Parashar: ACT: 36/36.................Many more